Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Reason To Make A Return Visit!!

The reason that make viewer return to visit Mudah.com because we can get many information and market value of all kind of goods and services. Besides that, we can purchase goods that we need easily and let viewer feel convenient. It is the best web for those who wish to buy second hand goods or valuable goods.
7c in Mudah.my

  • Aesthetics
  1. Aesthetics nature of a site is largely captured by visual characteristics such as colours, graphics, photographs, font choices, and other visually oriented features.
  2. As we can view, Mudah.my using aesthetics design for the home page.


  1. Content refers to any digital information included on a website.
  2. For example, the medium of the digital subject matter including text, video, audio, and graphics or the message of the digital subject matter, including product,service, and information offerings.
  • Offering Mix, the content of the site can include products, information, and services.
  • Mudah.my using offering mix content

  • Time-sensitive Content, very short shelf life
  • As we notice that Mudah.my using time-sensitive content

  • Community is a set of interwoven relationships built upon shared interests.
  • To build closer relationships between consumer and firm, and between consumer and consumer.
  • Community design implementation for parent sites should reinforce the brand and offer access through interface design and navigation to key actions to forward business goals.
  • Mudah.my doesn't have community in the web.

  • Customisation is a site's ability to modify itself to be modify by each user.
  • Mudah.my did not use customisation in the web.


  • Communication refers to the dialogue between the website and its users.
  • Broadcast, is a one-way information exchange from organasation to user. Organisation provide no mechanism for user to respond.
  • Interactive, it is two-way communication between the organisation and a user.
  • Mudah.my using broadcast and interactive as the communication in web site.


  • Connection is the degree to which a given site is able to link to other sites through a hypertext jump, or hyperlink, from one webpage to another.
  • These links embedded in a webpage and are most commonly presented to the user as underlined and highlighted words, a picture, or a graphic
  • Clicking on the link initiates the immediate delivery of a text, graphic, or sound file. Files might live on the local server, or on a server anywhere in the world.
  • Mudah.my web using outsourced as the connection.

  • Mudah.my provide transactional service
  • It sell second hand goods

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Features of Mudah.my???

Features of good in Mudah.com
  • As we can view,this web page's background does not interrupt the text
  • Text is big enough to read, but not too big
  • The hierarchy of information is perfectly clear in this web site
  • Columns of text are narrower than in a book to make reading easier on the screen
  • Navigation buttons and bars are easy to understand and use in Mudah.my web site
  • Navigation is consistent throughout web site

  • Link colors coordinate with page colors

  • Pages download quickly
  • First page and home page fit into 800 x 600 pixel space
  • All of the other pages have the immediate visual impact within 800 x 600 pixels
  • Every web page in the site looks like it belongs to the same site, there are repetitive element that carry throughout the pages.

Features of Poor in Mudah.my
  • As we can view Mudah.my web site default blue links
  • Text link that are not underlined so you don't know they are links
  • Links that are not clear about where they will take you
  • Lack of contrast, for example in text, to create hierarchy of information